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We are introducing our new control generation BCtouch UX according to the motto “driven by innovation”.

The modern user interface created by experts recalls familiar operating concepts of tablets or cell phones and offers multi-touch zoom as well as move and slide functions. In addition to the central operating terminal, additional terminals can be integrated without any problems along the line.

Thanks to a new type of cockpit view, the process status of the entire line can be viewed at a glance. Additional features of the new operating terminal are the RFID access control system, which enables easy identification by chip card, and a context-sensitive help system. The well-known, ergonomic battenfeld-cincinnati terminal system with its swivel-and-tilt functionality was adapted to a 21.5” landscape format multi-touch display.

Fully in keeping with the industry 4.0 concept and the control system’s facilities for communicating with other units, generally described as “connectivity”, all line and process parameters included and evaluated in the system can be centrally tapped by an ERP system.

For this purpose, the battenfeld-cincinnati OPC-UA server provides a future-proof interface for vertical integration of the line at the customer’s plant. In addition to on-site operation, BCtouch UX also supports an alarm system via Internet or Intranet, with data of definable line statuses being transmitted to mobile units either by LAN/WIFI or by UMTS/LTE, according to the customer’s choice.


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