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Even before Industrie 4.0 became a much discussed topic, W&H was already working in the direction of developing integrated machines and intelligent processes. An example of this is the ISP System (Info System Production), which showcased data collection for an entire machine (known today as “Big Data”) and was introduced at the K back in 1995. Job, production and status notifications from integrated machines during several phases of the production chain serve as a basis for consuming fewer resources during the production of flexible packaging.

New to come are more processing power and tools for analyzing for large amounts of data, which will show intelligent process chains all the way to automatic optimization of production processes.

Quick resin changes and short wash up times thanks to intelligent Automation

At our Packaging 4.0 presentation at the 2015 in-house EXPO, the topic of resin changes supported by automation modules and wash up systems was demonstrated during the production of laminating films. Hidden behind this seemingly simple formula was a sensation. What used to take a machine operator 30 minutes to complete manually was reduced to just two minutes thanks to automation modules with a combination of an intelligent control algorithm and automatic pneumatic cleaning of gravimetric and vacuum conveyers. Today a machine operator only needs to switch the suction pipe from one resin container to another.

At K 2016, W&H will present additional examples as well as the entire breadth of Packaging 4.0.


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