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motan-colortronic - smart solutions for the smart factory

Always a trailblazer when it comes to pilot projects, motan-colortronic is constantly working with various processing machine manufacturers to find intelligent solutions for optimally coordinated Industry 4.0 concepts.This is how we will move from the previous “materials handling” to sustainable “materials management”.

The reciprocal exchange of process, status, and order data occurs as a bi-directional, direct communication between material supply and material processing, so that the best achievable process cycles are made possible on both sides. With this, the efficiency of the entire system is also increased.

The exchange of information occurs with the help of the M2M communication record OPC UA, which will become the standard for Industry 4.0 in the sector sooner or later. Most motan products are already supported with a decentralised controls intelligence which allows communication in all directions

During a live simulation at the K‘ 2016 K-show, sudden material shortages and impending machine shut-downs are recognised early and can be prevented in advance. For this, the system always provides information on the current and remaining material supply and how many parts still need to be manufactured. This information is displayed centrally on the display of theprocessing machine and offers the user the best possible transparency over the current status of the entire process.

With the help of installations at the motan-stand as well as various cooperation-stands during the K-show, this innovative Industry 4.0 scenario will be presented and the arising synergies between material supply and processing machine will be clearly visualised.


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