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LEISTRITZ Extrusionstechnik GmbH


Leistritz is one of the leading manufacturers of co-rotating, intermeshing twin-screw extruders and turn-key extrusion lines.

The German firm’s flagship is the ZSE MAXX series of extruders with a large volume (OD/ID = 1.66) and high specific torque of up to 15.0 Nm/cm³. It offers maximum throughputs for both volume- and torque-restricted applications. This is a field where the demands for machine and line availability with low service costs are constantly rising, requiring ultramodern solutions going way beyond the state of the art. The “Augmented Automation” concept, which is unique in Europe, allows these demands to be met for the first time with full integration. Industrial smart glasses and intelligent software applications provide users with the simplest and at the same time most secure method of bi-directional communication with experts in the back office. Simultaneous connectivity with live machine data completes the support service. Smart Glasses are a wearable computer enhanced by a monocular display and an onboard processing unit.



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