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HF MIXING GROUP (Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH)


The HF MIXING GROUP has developed two modern digital tools for data acquisition and evaluation, optimising measurement of the wear on the internal mixer’s core components, which up until now has been done manually. In combination with the ELCI (Equipment Life Cycle Indicator) database, digital wear measurement enables much better predictions to be made of the service life or remaining life of core components of the internal mixer. This assists customers in planning their capital expenditure, allowing them sufficient time to order replacements well in advance. The two digital processes may be used individually or in combination. The first replaces conventional manual measurement of the rotor gap and of the gap between rotors and mixing chambers with digital multi-point measurement. This uses special sensors, evaluation software and an evaluation device. Wear is displayed clearly in colour. The second process is a newly developed form of 3D volume scanning which is implemented in the mixer in situ. To this end, HF experts have developed a special 3D laser measuring device with associated software for evaluation and display. This new method enables precisely detailed information to be obtained about the volume of the mixing chamber, which in particular makes for optimal adjustment of the recipes.