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With the help of  networking and the integration of production systems, the systematic utilization  of machines, process and production data and the use of decentralised, intelligent assistance systems, manufacturing processes in a smart factory continuously optimise themselves,  and allow a flexible and fast response to continually changing requirements. The result is greater efficiency, productivity, machine availability and quality.
For example, ENGEL’s iQ software products  continually analyse critical process parameters in order to identify and immediately compensate for deviations  before rejects are produced. Even under fluctuating process conditions, iQ solutions maintain process stabilityandensure  consistently high product quality.

With e-factory, ENGEL has developed its own MES, which is specifically tailored to plastics processors and achieves very deep vertical data integration. It ensures transparency in not only one, but on several networked sites, because only then can the entire machine park be optimally utilized.   In many companies, ENGEL e-factory is already the foundation for complete traceability from the development process to the raw materials used,  New for the K is the module Energy, which allows a detailed presentation, evaluation and optimization of energy consumption.

The new ENGEL e-connect.monitor, availableatK, will make it possible to analyse the condition of process-critical machine  components  during operation and reliably predict the risk of failure. This  condition-based, predictive maintenance makes it possible to  fully utilize the service life of critical machine parts and avoid any unplanned equipment downtime.
At K 2016, ENGEL makes a smart factory come alive and shows, based on many established products and premiere solutions that industry 4.0 is nothing new to ENGEL, but a crucial element and long-lived  practice.



Bildquelle: ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH