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Beckhoff solutions for IoT and Industrie 4.0in the plastics industry

Beckhoff provides the foundational technologies and tools needed today to implement Industrie 4.0 concepts and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, all via PC-based control. This enables plastic machine suppliers to offer Industrie 4.0 solutions in their market.

The TwinCATengineering and control software packages available from Beckhoffsupport applications such as big data, pattern recognition as well as condition or power monitoring, in addition to traditional control tasks.As a result, users can sustainably increase their production and engineering efficiency. With Beckhoff technology, plastic machine suppliersmake a big step towards the goal of offering smart machines and smart servicesas envisioned in Industrie 4.0 scenarios.

SpecificTwinCAT software libraries are available for advanced analytics and communication between plastic machine controllers and cloud-based services: “TwinCAT Analytics“ saves process data locally, on the server or in the cloud in synchronisation with the machine cycle. All data are seamlessly recorded and serve as the basis for extensive analyses; this enables new predictive maintenance technologies and helps minimise machine downtime.Plastic machine manufacturers could use this function to analyse process deviations as well as mechanical problems and software malfunctions. “TwinCAT IoT“ supports common protocols for cloud communication and push messages to smart devices. In this way, TwinCAT IoT communicationsupportsthe use of cloud-based services and the use of mobile computing devices like tablets or smartphones to receive messages from machines anywhere in the world. Built-in security mechanisms prevent unauthorised data access by third parties and protect the intellectual property of a company that uses cloud-based services.This is ensured by the publisher/subscriber communication principle.

Another communication capability provided by Beckhoff: For standardised communication between injection molding machines and IT systems, the Euromap Organisation recommends compliance with the Euromap 77 standard based on OPC UA. As one of the working members in the OPC UA organisation, Beckhoff will be one of the first companies to offer support for the Euromap 77 protocol.

At the upcoming K trade show, Beckhoff will show an example of using social media channelsfor machine data communication: selected userswill be able to communicate with Beckhoff plastic machine controllers via Twitter. Production data as,for example, part numbers or alarms will be “twittered”.

Beckhoff at K, Düsseldorf, Germany: Hall 11, Booth G21


Image: Beckhoff provides a range of components for a simplified and standardised integration with cloud-based communication and data services, enabling machine and plant manufacturers to store all data from machine control – either locally or using cloud systems – and to gain deep-funded insights on machine operation. Predictive maintenance and machine learning are just two of the catchwords that describe potential benefits for machine builders and operators.


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