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Das AZO's 4P model

AZO’s 4P model forms the basis for the group in overcoming the challenges of the Industrial Internet of Things. The 4P’s stand for the four main objectives in the implementation strategy that should lead to new business models in the AZO group.




P as in production at AZO
The first P stands for AZO’s production, i.e. of plants and solutions.
Adopting the approaches from the Industrial Internet of Things is intended

  • to help AZO improve efficiency and reliability in its engineering, project management and production and
  • to introduce smart factory solutions into the production process at AZO.



P as in products from AZO
The second P represents AZO’s products. In the context of the Industrial Internet of Things, the group is pursuing a strategy of

  • transforming their products into smart devices, redesigning networked plant components and
  • enabling intelligent interplay of products in order to spur on vertical and horizontal integration in AZO plants.




P as in production at the customer’s
The third P represents production by AZO’s customers, which should be improved with the help of the Industrial Internet of Things. AZO contributes here with:

  • smart products that optimise production processes at particular points;
  • horizontal integration of smart products throughout the production process, which simplifies customer processes, thereby cutting production costs;
  • integrated solutions, which allow batch tracing through the entire value-creation process;
  • vertical integration, which connects the production plants to the customer's business level. This means customers can now respond faster to new orders; their production becomes more flexible.




P as in products from the customer
AZO also wants to help achieve lasting improvements to its customers' products, the fourth P in its 4P model, using the approaches from the Industrial Internet of Things. The targets are:

  • transparent, traceable customer products, made possible by smart production with integrated batch tracing and
  • high-quality customer products from economical production thanks to an optimum manufacturing process.



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