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As manufacturingindustries - like plastics and rubber - move from mass production to customized small lots, the flexibility to efficiently change and adapt production becomes critical.This requires increased collaboration between people and robots, between islands of automation and even between production sites. Digitalization is a hallmark of the factory of the future, where actionable information drives better decisions and operations from engineering and commissioning to running and maintaining production.

With YuMi®, ABB presents the world’s first truly collaborative dual-arm robot.YuMi
can operate in very close collaboration with humans thanks to its inherently safe design.
The robot was designed for small parts assemblyand can handle many different tasks,
from a watch to a tablet PC thanks to its absolute accuracy.

In addition, ABB introduced Connected Services for robots in 2016 for up to 25% fewer incidents and up to 60% faster response time and problem-solving processes.
Connected Services is an evolution of the Remote Services for robots which ABB introduced almost 10 years ago.

All ABB robots are ready to be connected, wirelessly or hard wired, unlocking a world of possibilities in predictive, proactive and immediate support.Connected Services are a key product in ABB’s long term digitalization strategy. The Connected Services suite consistsof five services that can be tailored via ABB’s flexible Robot Care service agreements to meet the unique needs of the plant: Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics, Backup-Management, Remote Access, Fleet Assessment and Asset Optimization. The interface to Connected Services is the MyRobot web applicationwith its alarm dashboard, providing customers and ABB Service with actionable information through a single intuitive user interface, anytime and any place.


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